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The surRURAL is like the surreal, but with more cows, tugboats, and rusty old trucks.

Surrealists such as Max Ernst and Man Ray set to work in the 1920's, confounding the public with their strange, dream-like images. Mostly these artists lived in big cities—leaving it to the SurRURALists to investigate any strange dreams cropping up in the countryside.

Some of these images climbed straight out of my imagination, but others were just waiting there for the click of the camera—scenes of everyday beauty found on the South Coast of Oregon.

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Richard Kirk was born on the South Coast of Oregon and has pretty much stayed put. He believes that wherever light falls something interesting may spring up, and he is dedicated to recording the landscape on both sides of the retina.

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Guestbook for Richard Kirk
I like your new collection!
John Rieth(non-registered)
Far out! Very innovative and creative! A whole new vision of our area.
You are a devious man!
Jeff Wright(non-registered)
Very impressive ... and fun! "Oooh, that's my favorite image...no, this one...no, THIS one!" A treat to glimpse how you see your world. Will you be signing autographs anytime during the monthlong show?
Also, kudos to you and/or whomever for a really neat Web page -- a stylish showcase for your art.
Dennis & Sally Svenpladsen(non-registered)
Quiet waters run deep.....Rich, we were very impressed. I've always enjoyed rural photography and will make sure to visit the Coos Bay Library to check out your photos. Wow, we know someone "famous"!!!!
Wow! We were blown away....only literally of course...but very amazed and pleased, because we did not know you were so talented! You should have been helping us with the barn photos for the next calendar...can you see it? We plan to see your show. Is there an opening/reception for the artist?